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Central Heating Systems - Installation, Extensions, Cleaning & Servicing for Rainham

For all your central heating system needs, you can rely on Divine Water to carry out a first class job with minimum fuss or disruption.

From the simplest of jobs like cleaning your heating system to keep it efficient, through adding a few new radiators, to a complete heating system installation, our engineers are there to help. Because we are completely independent, you can also be sure that the advice you receive will be based solely on your requirements to keep your space at a comfortable temperature for your family while using the least possible energy to keep bills and pollution at the lowest possible levels.

Keeping Your System Clean

When two dissimilar metals are present in a liquid the result is electrolysis where molecules of one are released to be deposited on the other. This leads to free ferrous particles floating around in the water of your central heating system. In turn these corrode and can very quickly fill up the water passages with a metallic, rusty sludge. This dramatically reduces the overall efficiency of the system, costing you money all the time your heating runs. Additionally, the life of pumps, radiators and boilers can be cut to a fraction of what it should be.

A Clean System is an Energy Efficient System

The building regulations now stipulate that any new boiler fitment has to be accompanied by a thorough chemical clean of the heating system to flush out potentially damaging and heat-absorbing matter. When refilling the system, a good anti-corrosive agent is essential to prevent this build up occurring (it takes only a matter of weeks).

Additionally, you can fit a Magna Clean unit, which is essentially a magnetic cored sump where any ferrous particles are trapped for convenient removal later on. The important thing is that they no longer circulate in your heating system and you get the best value for money out of the gas that you use.

So, our advice is not to wait until you need a new boiler. Protect the one you have by calling us now to book a power flush, chemical clean and anti-corrosion treatment of your heating system. It costs less than most people think and can save you a small fortune in the longer term.

Balancing Your Heating System

If you have problems with one or two radiators not getting hot then it could be that your central heating system needs balancing.

Before going to the expense of power flushing the system, it may well be worth checking that your radiators are balanced. If you have a radiator that is not getting hot, try opening valves at both ends of the radiator and turn off all other radiators. If it then gets hot, it cannot be blocked and it must need balancing.Why balance a central heating system? If your all your radiator valves are fully open on both sides, the radiators near the boiler will get hotter than the ones further away. The objective of balancing your radiators is to ensure that all radiators have access to the same amount of heat (hot water) from the boiler.

Your system may become out of balance over time when radiators have been taken off for example: to decorate, when you have added a radiator, or had building work completed adding additional rooms. If you have a few star-performers in your radiators that make the others seem cold, calling us in to balance your heating system can be a quick and cost-effective fix. If it does turn out that your system is clogged and needs power flushing, we will deduct the cost of your balancing from the bill for cleansing, leaving you with nice, even heating throughout your home.
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