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02/02/2017: Heating hadn't been working for 10 years

This is what our customer said. "I chose Divine water because of prior reviews in Which?. The work was to investigate why some radiators were not working and to replace some old radiators, then generally service the central heading and hot water system.

Richard was tenacious in tracking down and fixing the problem. Having installed our new radiators and thoroughly overhauled the entire system, Richard left us with good central heating. Everything works as it should for first time in 10 years. He was very thorough, competent, tidy, nice to have around the house, competitively priced and timely. I thoroughly recommend him.

Our thoughts on the job.
This job in Brentwood was certainly something to get my teeth into. As a person who relishes a challenge, I certainly found plenty here to work on. I believe the pipework was blocked 10 years ago when an extension was built. With 20 radiators through the house and the front downstairs radiators being stone cold, a standard power flush was not going to be enough! to clear pipes. After consultation with the family, we broke into the pipe work under floor and rodded to clear the blockage. With the amount of metal in a system this size, there is always a danger of corrosion and contamination recurring. To reduce the chance of future problems and keep the system clean we installed a magnetic filter to the central heating. Jobs that involve a little detective work as well as plumbing skills are a great challenge, giving tremendous job satisfaction when you see the end result of a warm, happy family.

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