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Divine Water - Frequently Asked Questions, Plumbing and Electrical in & around Docklands

Divine Water - Frequently Asked Questions, Plumbing and Electrical in & around Docklands


  • Why is the top of radiator not getting hot?
    This is most commonly caused by air/gases getting into the radiator system. Bleed the air out using a radiator key.

    If this continues to happen your system may need power flushing or new rust inhibitor adding. ?Radiators should not need to be bled regularly.
  • Why is part of my radiator cool?
    It is very common and not a fault for the centre (left and right) bottom of a radiator to be cool.

    This is because the hot water flows into one end of the radiator and the hot water rises over the first 1/2 of the radiator, cools and comes down in the second 1/2 of the radiator. This leaves a middle section that has only a small amount of water flowing through the verticals and so will be cooler.
  • Why do I have to keep re-pressurising my heating system?
    Combination boilers and unvented system boilers need to have about 1 to 2 bar of pressure for the boiler to work, if is is not there then the boiler fail safe may shut down the boiler.

    If you have to keep re-pressurising the system then there are a number of possible problems, a leak in pipework, the expansion vessel is leaking air, the expansion vessel needs replacing or there is insufficient inhibitor in the system. These are the most common reasons. We can help to resolve this issue for you.
  • I live in an area with low water pressure and my central heating system is combination boiler (no stored hot or cold water) Is there available a pumped electric shower that can be plumbed straight to the water mains.?
    You are not allowed to pump domestic mains fed hot and cold water. It may be that you have a boiler that is insufficiently sized to produce enough hot water. A check of this is do you have plenty of cold water at the kitchen taps, if yes then your boiler may be too small to cope with the demand for hot water. We would be pleased to survey and advise, supply and fit the best solution for you.
  • My shower is not very powerful, what can be done??
    If you have a gravity fed hot and cold water system you can either add a pump of change the mixer for a pumped shower commonly called a power shower. ?There are a whole load of options from many different manufactures. We would be able to advise, supply and fit for you.

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